Best Winter Golf Balls


What are the best winter golf balls?

 The cold and wet months aren’t the ideal time for club golfers to be playing a tour-level golf ball, but have you ever asked yourself ‘should I play a different golf ball in winter?”

The answer is yes. While a soft urethane-covered premium ball can give you greater short game spin during the season, which is useful when greens are hard baked and running fast, that argument is removed in winter when greens are often softer than a treacle sponge.

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Apart from continuity, there isn’t a whole lot to be gained from playing a premium Tour-level golf ball in the depths of a UK winter, especially as we’re likely to lose more under the leaves. Switching to a cheaper ‘club golfer’-optimised ball will save you a few quid without sacrificing too much performance.

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But first, here’s our pick of the best winter golf balls…

TaylorMade Tour Response

RRP £39.99 per dozenVIEW OFFER

TaylorMade Tour Response goilf ball.

There’s now a whole batch of softer, urethane-covered balls on sale that are optimised for average club golfers who swing between 85 and 100mph with a driver (93mph is the average). TaylorMade’s Tour Response is one of our favourites.

The softer 70 compression combines low driver spin with high wedge spin and great feel – our testing has shown it’s very comparable to the much more expensive Titleist Pro V1. It’s also available in high-vis yellow, making it easier to follow and find.

Titleist Tour Speed

RRP £40 per dozen VIEW OFFER

Titleist Tour Speed golf ball.

After watching the popularity of urethane-covered ‘club golfer’ balls grow rapidly, Titleist entered the market in September this year with the new Tour Speed.

We reckon the new ball is a decent winter alternative to the more expensive Pro V1 for golfers with average swing speeds.

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Callaway ERC Soft


The Callaway ERC Soft is one of the best winter golf ball options.

The ERC Soft comes as standard with Callaway’s Triple Track lines, which are great for improving alignment.

Callaway released a new model for 2021, replacing the 2019 model which we rated it as the best ball for amateurs in our robot balls test. The good news is that it’s even better.

The new high energy core helps make it the brand’s longest soft golf ball and there’s also a new ‘hybrid’ cover, made with a durable PARALOID Impact Modifier from Dow, which promotes high launch and low spin (the recipe for distance) with the long clubs.

Available in white or yellow. We prefer the latter for winter rounds.

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Srixon AD333

RRP £27 per dozen | VIEW OFFER

Srixon AD333 golf ball is great for winter.

Our robot golf ball test showed just how the two-piece ionomer-covered AD333 is a great across-the-board option, whether it’s winter or not.

Now the tenth generation of popular ball flies longer and straighter than ever thanks to a new core also found in the premium Z-Star range.

The FastLayer Core has dropped compression from 77 to 72, which promotes deformation at impact, providing a longer and straighter flight for golfers with moderate swing speeds.

The core works in tandem with Srixon’s unique 338 Speed Dimple Pattern to reduce drag and promote a more penetrating flight.

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Mizuno RB 566


Mizuno RB 566 golf ball.

Mizuno say two-piece ball tech has reached a point where the vast majority of golfers can’t feel the difference between them and a more premium alternative – especially in winter.

The two-piece, ionomer-covered RB 566 is more than capable of holding its own against non-urethane alternatives and is available in white, yellow and orange.

Wilson Duo Optix

RRP £19.99 per dozen | VIEW OFFER

Wilson Duo Optix golf ball.

Wilson are experts in soft feeling golf balls (the Duo has a 35 compression), which can be a real benefit in winter.

The Optix is available in five bright colours, so they make a great soft-feeling winter ball for average swing speed players at a brilliant price.

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Bridgestone E6

RRP £24.99 per dozen | VIEW OFFER

The Bridgestone E6 is one of the best winter golf balls.

The E6 is specifically designed for golfers with a moderate swing speed and will offer these players the maximum distance on each shot. The inner core of the two-piece ball has been softened and increased in size which makes this ball easier to compress for the shorter hitters.

Available in white and yellow and impressively durable, making it ideal for winter conditions.

Cut Grey

RRP £19.95 per dozen | VIEW OFFER

Cut Grey golf ball.

Cut’s DC and Blue balls performed brilliantly in terms of combining driver and iron distance with wedge spin earlier this year, but the Grey is aimed at more moderate swing speeds.

Thanks to a urethane cover and three-piece build, they’re a cost effective match for any ‘club golfer’ ball.

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9. Honma A1

RRP £15.95 per dozen | VIEW OFFER

Honma A1 golf ball.

High-vis balls are great for winter golf; not only do they stand out more in the rough, they’re also more visible in a low winter sun, too. Honma’s A1 is a two-piece ball available as a multi-coloured dozen, so you get three white, three yellow, three orange and three red balls.

10. Vice Pro Soft

RRP £38.28 per dozen VIEW OFFER

Vice Pro Soft golf ball.

Tour-level technology and a urethane cover that’s rolled into a package optimised to perform at less than 95mph swing speeds. The Neon Lime or Red options are perfect for winter; buy five dozen at a time and prices drop to £29.88 per dozen.

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Seed SD-05 The Pro Soft

RRP £33 per dozen | VIEW OFFER

Seed SD-05 The Pro Soft golf ball.

We tested Seed golf balls for the first time in 2020, and their urethane Tour-level balls posted some impressive numbers against the market leader. The SD-05 is a lower compression, softer feeling model that’s been designed for club golfer swing speeds. Buy in bulk for the best price.

12. Snell MTB-X Optic Yellow

RRP £29.99 per dozen | VIEW OFFER

Snell MTB X golf ball.

Snell’s MTB-X came through our robot golf ball test with flying colours. Particularly good at higher swing speeds, it combines long driver distance with high wedge spin numbers. The ‘optic yellow’ is a great Titleist Pro V1x alternative, and it costs 42% less!

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