Best Ladies’ Fairway Woods


It may not be as sexy as a new driver but do not underestimate the importance of the fairway wood to scoring.

Whether you realise it or not, the majority of approach shots you hit are probably played with fairway woods. Just think about how many times you have to take off a head cover for your second shot? How often do you use a wood to reach a par 3 green or even reach for the trusty lofted fairway wood to get you out of trouble? Keep a track of this statistic over the course of 18 holes and the results might just stagger you!

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A fairway wood truly is a multi-functional club. Don’t be surprised to find a reasonably high price tag alongside the name because these woods are made from the same expensive materials as their driver counterparts. Equally just as drivers are moving away from the idea of one-size-fits-all, many of our top picks are adjustable and customisable to your personal preferences as a player.

Callaway Big Bertha REVA

Lofts: 16° / 19° / 22° / 25° | Stock shaft: Callaway RCH Women’s 40g | Stock grip: Lamkin Comfort ST Soft

Best Ladies Fairway Woods

We all crave added length and Callaway know that for ladies distance can be hard to come by, especially from a tight fairway lie without the advantage of the ball being teed up. But we’re not all built the same and we certainly don’t swing alike, so Callaway developed the REVA woods to guarantee added length any way you swing it.

If you’re already familiar with the Big Bertha brand then you’ll enjoy the distinctive oversized confidence-inducing shaping of their fairway woods. The added offset is a bonus as it will really help you to square the club face up and hit shots straighter.

There’s some seriously advanced technology in the face design (the same material used in NASA rockets), which boosts ball speed so even when swung at a slower pace you’ll discover distance gains, as the ball fires away literally like a rocket.

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TaylorMade SIM2 MAX Women’s

Options: 16.5° / 18° / 21° / 24° | Stock Shaft: Aldila NV Ladies 45 | Stock grip: Lamkin Ladies Sonar

Best Ladies Fairway Woods

Metal woods have come a long way since TaylorMade first introduced them to the golfing world way back in 1979. Fast forward over four decades and the company are still setting new industry standards.

Their latest SIM2 are seriously sophisticated woods that use a fancy V-Steel as the basis for their power and precision. A repositioned centre of gravity position, mere 12 millimetres from the ground, makes them more forgiving than last year’s model. A lower CG means you’ll hit it higher, more easily.

We love how the compact pear-shaped head gives you the best of two worlds – the precision and shot-making creativity of a better player’s wood but with the forgiveness and ease of use you’d associate with a much bigger headed fairway club.

The sole shape allows the wood to slide easily across the turf so you don’t get any nasty ‘digging.’

Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo

Lofts: 15° / 18° | Stock Shaft: Miyazaki C. Kua 40 | Stock Grip: Lamkin 360

Best Ladies Fairway Woods

The ticket to distance is ball speed. That means to hit it further you need a faster face, or in the case of the new Cleveland Launcher HB, a ‘Turbo’ fast face. The ‘Cup’ shape creates a perimeter of wafer thin titanium. The structure flexes at impact reflecting energy back into the ball for more speed. Cleveland has taken this one step further with their unique variable thickness face pattern that not only makes the fairway wood faster on your centre strikes but on your miss hits too.

For most ladies, the formula for more distance is simple, launch the ball higher. A better launch, equals a longer carry in flight. To make this happen Cleveland added a HiBore Crown to lower the centre of gravity deep within the clubhead and added an ultralight hosel. These weight savings allowed a heavy sole pad to be placed underneath.

Finally a counter balanced shaft boosts forgiveness. The result is you’ll get more height, a better flight and hit the ball further.

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Honma T//World GS

Options: 16.5° / 18° / 21° | Stock shaft: Speedtuned 42 | Stock grip: Honma Rubber 37 GY

Best Ladies Fairway Woods

It says a lot about a brand when they use all their own components to make a club and in the case of Honma’s new GS fairway woods luxury comes in bucket loads. These incredibly stylish clubs are high quality and not surprisingly have the hefty price tag to boot.

Perfectly suited to ladies who want to add length to their long game, they are named after the key performance benefit needed to get this (GS standing for Gain Speed). There’s not a lady we know who wouldn’t like a boost in this department, right? So how do they do it?

A crank-shaped slot on the sole helps to increase ball speed across the face and most importantly stop you losing as much distance on your miss hits. This works in combination with a radial face shape with varying levels of thickness that counteracts spin when the ball is struck too low on the face or out of the toe, keeping your ball flight straighter even if you don’t hit your shot out of the middle. This is furthered by strategically-positioned tungsten sole weights that have been added to fight against the unwanted slicer’s left-to-right shot shape.

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Wilson Staff D9

Lofts: 15° / 18° / 21° | Stock shaft: Quaranta Blue | Stock grip: Wilson Staff Women’s Performance Grip

Best Ladies Fairway Woods

If you’re an inconsistent player who doesn’t always strike the centre of the club face then you’ll really benefit from using the D9 fairway wood. There are two fancy technologies at work here, firstly PKR (peak kinetic response club face) divides the face into a series of zones that make it ‘hot’ and fast all over. This combines with Variable Face Technology (a thin steel insert behind the face) to deliver high ball speeds and high launch angles regardless of where the ball makes contact on the club face. That means you’ll get more speed and hit the ball further even on your miss hits.

It took 120 computers running 7 days a week to create the overall design of the D9 – a serious investment in R&D and it shows. These are a must-try if you want to add distance.

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Cobra Radspeed

Lofts: 3 (adjustable 17-20°) / 5 (21-24°) / 7 (24-27°) | Stock shaft: Project X Even Flow Riptide | Stock grip: Lamkin Crossline Cobra Connect

Best Ladies Fairway Woods

The design is, in Cobra’s words, pretty ‘radical’. What they are referring to is the perfect balance of front and back weights, positioned in such a way to deliver low spin with high launch for maximum distance and improved stopping power into greens.

A fancy infinity edge face design, expanding the milled area by a whopping 95% to increase the zone of maximum ball speed and hidden hollow rails that flex on the sole to help the ball launch high and fast.

There’s also a draw version of the Radspeed that’s designed with slice fighting power.

The cherry on the pie is the shot tracker in the butt of the grip (Cobra Connect) that pairs with the free Arccos app that will give you some really interesting insight into your distance averages. You can even subscribe to a trial of the free Arccos Caddie for more advice.

Titleist TSi

Options: 15° / 18° / 20° / 23°

Best Ladies Fairway Woods

The TSi is 50 grams lighter than a standard fairway wood making it ideal for ladies with moderate swing speeds. It’s designed for easy launch and ultimate control.

A really easy club to adjust and custom fit, fine-tuning the performance to suit your swing style and the keys that will help improve your scores. A channel on the sole improves face flexibility and further boosts ball speed, especially on shots struck low on the face.

Mizuno ST-Z

Lofts: 3 (13-17°) / 5 (16-20°) | Stock shaft: Fujikura ATMOS Red 4 | Stock grip: M-31 360 Undersize Scuba Blue

Best Ladies Fairway Woods

A throwback shape with curves for the purist and performance for the pragmatist, using Mizuno’s 3rd generation face, their most powerful yet. The overall design will suit the discerning lady golfer with an eye for great aesthetics.

A balanced package of low spin and stability, not commonly seen in fairway woods gives the ST-Z stand-out appeal.

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Yonex Ezone Elite 3.0

Lofts: 3 (15°) / 5 (18°) / 7 (21°) | Stock shaft: Yonex L50 EL | Stock grip: Yonex Original Rubber 360

Best Ladies Fairway Woods

Reducing the weight of a wood by 10% is a big deal, it leads to dramatic increases in clubhead speed and yep, you’ve guessed it distance. That’s exactly what the Yonex R&D team achieved in the new EZONE Elite 3.0 thanks to an update on their weight-saving Octaforce Neo technology in the crown and face.

It’s the perfect wood for mid-high handicap lady golfers who traditionally struggle to get their fairway shots up into the air, offering an effortless launch, stable flight and longer carry.

Ping GLe2

Options: 19° (+/- 1.5°) / 22° (+/- 1.5°) / 26° (+/- 1.5°) / 30° (+/- 1.5°) | Stock shaft: Ping ULT240 Lite & Ultra Lite | Stock grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360

The Ping GLe2 is one of the best women's fairway woods.

Undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive ladies wood line-ups with four options to choose from (3, 5, 7 & 9 woods), all adjustable by +/- 1.5 using a clever 8-lobe hosel that allows you to really fine-tune the performance you want from your fairway wood. GLe2 is proof that it is possible for a club to come on leaps and bounds from its already successful predecessor.

New tech includes a thinner, faster face, forged for a fantastic feel/feedback. A shallow face shape lends itself to sweeping shots away off tight fairway lies, higher with ease.

It’s also lighter than the original GLe making it easier to swing fast and an increase in clubhead speed generates longer shots.

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