TaylorMade reveal new 2017 M2 irons


Game improvement irons are all about hitting shots higher, further and more consistently and as far as performance goes the original M2 irons excelled in all three.

But TaylorMade engineers were convinced they could do better by incorporating “face slot” technology and running the rule over the whole original design to eek out further improvements.


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TaylorMade reveal new M2 woods

TaylorMade reveal new M1 irons

TaylorMade reveal new M2 irons

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During M2’s development phase TaylorMade reckon they hit over 30,000 shots using a robot and with real golfers and they discovered 75% of a club golfers iron shots are hit from the toe. So what they’ve come up with is a new more refined and stable M2 iron, that performs better no matter where shots impact the club face. The heads 7% shallower to help lower CG and the top edge has slimmed by 33% to improve the look at address.

Vertical face slots which weren’t on original M2 now surround the hitting area increasing face flex even on toe and heel strikes. A new speed pocket in the sole is 20% deeper (with a 33% thinner front wall) to minimize ball speed drop off on shots hit low on the face. Which all in is some serious numbers when you consider how good the original was.

Look closely at all of the developments across TaylorMade’s new M2 family and the advancements come from thinning down materials. Take away structure from the golf club and you have some serious sound issues to overcome. TaylorMade reckon they’ve done just that with the M2 thanks to some very clever acoustic engineering. The new M2 uses an optimized rib structure around the head to stabilize and stiffen certain areas and a cavity badge which joins the face to the sole to dampen unwanted vibrations, improving feel and sound.

Make no mistake about it M2 is unashamedly a distance iron which is very forgiving. The new refinements just make it more appealing to club golfers who don’t hit shots consistently from the centre of the bat, which probably if we’re honest is most of us!

Expect to see the M2 appearing in golf shops 27th January 2017.

 TaylorMade reveal new M2 irons

TaylorMade M2 irons details:

 RRP: £699 (s) £799 (g)

Availability: 4 – LW Stock set: 5-SW

Stock shaft: TM REAX HL 88 (s) TM REAX (g)

 TaylorMade reveal new M2 irons

What’s new for 2017

Distance and forgiveness
M2 is all about distance and forgiveness. Vertical face slots and a speed pocket sole protect ball speed on off centre hits over and above the original M2.

Sleeker hosel flutes
A new wider “flute” design may only save 5g in weight, but its 5g more that’s being taken from an inefficient area and repositioned to have a more beneficial effect on miss hits.

Slimmer and shallower body
If there was a criticism to be levelled at the original M2 it was how they were pretty chunky. New M2 is a much sleeker, slender model which will appeal to a wider audience of golfers.

Ultimate low CG design
A typical CG height for a game improvement iron runs to about 18-19mm high in height. TaylorMade say the new M2’s CG height is very close to 16mm which means ultimate playability.

360 Undercut top edge
The inside of the top edge hasn’t even been saved from the M2’s weight loss program. Mass is removed from an ineffective area above the CG and repositioned lower and deeper.

Geocoustic design
Thinned down materials can lead to sound and feel issues. TaylorMade’s combination of an optimized rib structure in key areas of the head and a vibration dampening cavity badge mean the new M2 sounds and feels fantastic.

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